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C-Sections, Hip pain & Squats 

Hello All, For the last 3 weeks I have been working with a client who injured her R hip summer of ’14 doing back squats. As we were taking her history she mentioned that she had a C-Section due to … Continue reading

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The Evils of Crossfit, Running & Injuries

Hello All, This post was inspired by a conversation I had this weekend about Crossfit and injuries. As you will see in the video I don’t think Crossfit, running, weightlifting or any movement practice is bad. In fact what I … Continue reading

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Athletes, Injuries, Firing Health Care Practitioners

It’s Monday, it’s cold and I have something I would like to get off my chest. Practice Makes Improvement ­čÖé

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Rodney Nails Movement, Compensation and Athletes

Hello All, I know this is my 2nd post about Rodney Mullen and you are probably thinking “Why should I care about some obscure skateboarding guy?” Well, besides the fact he is a skateboarding god… In this video he very … Continue reading

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Rodney Mullen, Innovation & My Work

Hello All, One of the biggest parts I believe of a persons work/career/art is where they came from, what is their back story. A big part of my teenage years were spent on a skateboard and idolizing skateboarders like┬áRodney Mullen. … Continue reading

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Midwest NeuroKinetic Therapy┬« Seminars

Hello All, At the end of ’11 I was on FB and saw my first post from David Weinstock, it was about a client with scoliosis. I have worked on my fair share of scoliosis clients in my career and … Continue reading

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Injuries, History and Glutes

Hello All, I was referred a runner just before Christmas ’14 who was having quite a bit of pain in the top of her L foot between her 3rd and 4th metatarsals while running. Over the course of next 4 … Continue reading

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