Midwest NeuroKinetic Therapy® Seminars

Hello All,

At the end of ’11 I was on FB and saw my first post from David Weinstock, it was about a client with scoliosis. I have worked on my fair share of scoliosis clients in my career and when I read David’s post a million light bulbs went off in my head. I was very interested in his work and what he was finding.

I co hosted him in September of ’12 and this summer will be the 3rd NKT® Level 1 seminar here in Michigan. There will also 2 NKT® Level 1 seminars in Chicago and a Level 2 in Chicago this fall.

Here are the dates.

NKT® Level 1 Michigan: August 15th & 16th
NKT® Level 1 Chicago: May 2nd & 3rd
NKT® Level 1 Chicago: December 5th & 6th
NKT® Level 2 Chicago: October 10th & 11th

You can register by visiting the NKT® website http://www.neurokinetictherapy.com. Hope to see you at one of these as I will be assisting all of them.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂

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