C-Sections, Hip pain & Squats 

Hello All,

For the last 3 weeks I have been working with a client who injured her R hip summer of ’14 doing back squats. As we were taking her history she mentioned that she had a C-Section due to complications during her pregnancy. Unfortunately women are not educated on the complications that can occur long after the surgery has healed.

During the 1st session with my client we found her Rectus Abs and Transverse Abdominus (TVA) being inhibited by her C-Section scar. Once we cleared this pattern the pain in her hip was gone, this was an awesome find and now we are in the process of getting her Rectus and TVA to hold while squatting.

Clearing her squatting pattern is important because this is where the injury occurred. If left alone she could return to the old compensation strategies she had which led to the injury. Injuries where the body has learned to compensate dysfunctional lay due to a surgery is not an uncommon occurrence. Many women in the U.S. have difficulty moving pain free because of our high rate of C-Sections and as I stated above the lack of care after the C-Section has healed.


If you have had a C-Section and have problems during movement either from weakness or pain there is hope, you may have to look “outside” of the traditional approaches but there is hope. Using a methodology like NeuroKinetic  Therapy® www.neurokinetictherapy.com the long term complications from C-Sections can be resolved, often times quickly.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂 

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