Hamstrings, Hip Compression & Squats

Hello All,

I had a client come in with a reoccurring hamstring issue last night, he originally injured it about 5 weeks ago playing Ultimate Frisbee. If you are not familiar with Ultimate Frisbee it is a game of frisbee kinda of modeled after American Football, lots of sprinting from dead stops, jumping and direction change. It took us about 3 sessions to get the hamstring back to what we thought was functional, when he came in for last session he said he was doing well and had no pain while playing. We had worked a lot on a proximal R Bicep Fem inhibited by R distal Semimem pattern.

Last night when he came in he said he was having some “hip flexor” issues while squatting. As he describing his pain it sounded like his hip was compressing while at the bottom of his squat. When I go him on the table sure enough we found a anterior hip compression. This cleaned up quite a bit of his squat, still had some pinching but he also mentioned that he was feeling some weakness in his hamstring while coming out of the hole. Seeing that this pesky hamstring had been an issue before I went back to it and found the same patterns as before. He mentioned that he had not been as diligent with his hamstring homework over the last week too…

Once we got his R biceps Fem back on line, I had him squat again and what a difference! Looked much more stable on the way down, had better trunk posture and he was much deeper at the bottom. He reported the hip compression was gone and his hamstring felt much better during his squat. Gonna see him next week to follow up, I will be interested to see if the hip compression is gone also, I did not give him any home work for that just to continue the hamstring homework as that was the older pattern.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂


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