Friday 3-20-15 Fun Client

Hello All,

Yesterday I worked with a new client who coaches and competes in wrestling. 2 weeks ago he woke up with a sharp stabbing pain in his back after practice. For those of you who don’t know me well one of my big passions outside of my work is grappling, when I get to help a fellow grappler stay in the game it is really fun.

Client voiced he gets pain in back during 80-110 degrees of neck flexion. Because he is wrestler I know that somewhere in the equation we are going to find his neck flexors inhibited and that stabbing pain as part of the culprit. Wrestlers are constantly having their pulled and yanked on, as a result their neck flexors are often inhibited.

So I put on my NKT® detective hat and here is what I found.

On table I found his next extensors < R rhomboid. This really surprised me and I am glad I checked them, if I did not clear this relationship there is a good chance that none of the work would have held. This pattern also showed up while he was seated as well.

Being able to check for dysfunctional relationships in specific positions is a big part of the NKT® toolbox and I am glad that I had it, while my client was in his wrestling stance we found his neck flexors < by his R levator scapula. I believe that if I had not found this relationship the work we did would not have held, as soon as his head was yanked on I believe it would have reverted back to the same pattern.

He is going to practice again this week and I will see him on 3-30-15.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂

wrestler stance                              back muscles

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