Hip Pain, Running & Progression

Hello All,

Yesterday I had a new client who has been having pain in her L hip while running and standing when she lets her hip jut out to the L. She is training for a 10k which she is going to run in April. She ran a “light run” on Monday and had to stop as the pain got to be to intense.

Her history included plantar fasciitis on her R foot and low back pain/lumbar disc issues about 20 years back. For assessment we did Single Leg Stance/stepping (SLS) and Lunge movement screens. She had mild supination on the R side and pronation on the L while in SLS but nothing that was to out of the ordinary. On her Lunge however we did find a pretty big asymmetry between her R and L side, her R leg had some valgus patterning to it and hips would pull to the L. After this client did tell me she had a cross over pattern while running from years of bugle and drum corps member from childhood to early 20’s.

On the table here are the significant patterns we found.

R Adductors inhibited by L Abductors

L Quadratus Lumborum inhibited by L Abductors, this cleared up quite a bit of the pain when she was standing and jutting hip out to the L.

During her session we talked about what her training should look like going forward, I told her to check with her running coach and tell him about her difficulty during her run on Monday and that it maybe a good idea to repeat it to see how we have progressed. She said her run on Monday was a “Zone 2” run and her run tomorrow (3-25-15) was at a higher Zone. I suggested it was not a good idea to try to jump to a higher Zone when she was not able to complete the lower Zone training. Staying at Zone 2 would allow her the ability to judge her progress after our session and would also give us a baseline going forward, if she went to the higher Zone with could possibly make her symptoms worse and give us inaccurate information about her progress. She agreed and understood. I will see her next week to follow up and check her progress.

Practice Make Improvement  🙂

fmsscreen     QL

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