Achilles Pain, Running & Compensation

Hello All,

Last week I had a client who I have not seen in 5 years come in with pain in his R Achilles tendon. In the past 5 years he has started running Ultra Marathons for Veterans and has started a non-profit

I started off the session with palpation, Single Leg Stance movement screen and basic ortho assessment to see how his range of motion was. Nothing was to glaring with the Single Leg Stance and his range of motion, what I did find was hypertonicity in his R soleus, gastroc, his L glutes and low back felt a little hypotonic as well. I put on the trusty old NKT® detective hat and here is what we found.

My palpation matched what I found in my testing we had L glute and L lumbar extensors inhibited by R soleus. Often times when I work I focus on a specific area that I find to be the root cause, with this client I found we had to release the entire lateral side of the soleus before the work held.

He was pretty surprised at how his L side was underworking and his R soleus was compensating for it. He has been hammering it on his foam roller with little success, makes sense if the soleus is overworking for his other side of body. I find often times there will be a contra lateral pattern with runners that can be missed if I don’t take the time to examine the pattern and keep my mind open to the possibilities. I will see him in 2 weeks as he and I are both out of town for the holiday.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂

achillies soleus gastroc

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