Scars, Hip Pain & Movement 

Hello All,

On Thursday 4-2-15 I worked with a woman who was having hip pain while walking. Another NKT® practitioner brought her in as she thought this case was a little higher than her current skill sets. Cases like this when I get to work with another NKTer are really fun for me. We get to discuss the case and collaborate on what are progress will be. 

During our consult/assessment we found that client has had 4 surgeries. Two on her ankle due to an ankle dislocation and two on her Pelvic Floor, an episiotomy and a procedure her a fractured tail bone. When there are scars involved I start there as often times scars rule the road of dysfunction. 

As I watched the client walk it was very obvious she had a compensation pattern that went from her L ankle, R hip and L shoulder, along with some core instability. As she walked she voiced feeling unstable and pain in her R hip. 

We found using the NKT® protocol she had a pelvic floor to pelvic floor pattern due to the episiotomy. As we cleared this pattern we could see the core instability improve greatly but pain in hip was still present. We then checked her L ankle and found her L gastroc inhibited by the scar on top of her L ankle. This pattern took a while to clear but as we did my client was amazed that she was now able to point her foot, something she has not been able to do since her surgery.

Once we were able to get the work to hold on the table we had her get up to check it. She had much less pain in her right hip and by the end of the session she had no pain walking and her gait improved greatly. This was a great example of how scars can contribute greatly to dysfunction and cause pain. 

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂  


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