Follow Up To Scars, Hip Pain and Movement 

Hello All,

I had a follow up with my client I posted about in the previous post Scars, Hip Pain and Movement on Friday April 10th. Client said her hip pain had significantly improved from her last appointment to a 3 (on a scale of 1-10) from her previous 7-10 on a constant basis.

I checked the work we did in our previous session and it is holding very well. The scar on the top of her L foot is coming along well, it is becoming more uniform and showing less restriction with palpation.

One of the other things I noticed was a pretty big bunion on her R foot and while examining it she told me about a pretty bad dislocation of her 2nd toe, that info along with the desire to offer her more stability in her R abductors.

We found her R hip abductors, toe flexors and gait to be inhibited by her R greater toe and the bunion.

At the end of the session she reported being able to walk with no pain and that it was the first time in 2 years she was able to do this.

This is why I constantly strive to improve my work and craft. Helping people regain movement allowing them to become more active and confident they will be able to increase their activity level makes me very excited and satisfied.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂

bunion  Hip abductorstoe flexion

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