Ken Blackburn’s Kettlebell Snatch Article

Hello All,

Here is a great article from my good friend and Kettlebell Coach Ken Blackburn. I remember the first time I met Ken it was at the local Panera Bread in Fenton, my wife actually recognized him before I did. Later that year I had Ken teach a CKT Level 1 at my old Martial Arts School and we have been good friends since.

One of the things I really admired about Ken was his ability to take a complex movement like Kettlebell Snatch and break it down into simple and repeatable steps. In the article he outlines everything from the 7 primary movement patterns, breathing and the important topic of hand care.  What is really cool also about his article is that the pics/videos are all of Ken’s elite crew of Kettlebell Sport bad asses who regularly tear up the competition here in the States.

If you are interested in Kettlebells for conditioning or interested in Kettlebell Sport I suggest you reach out to Ken and see how you can host a CKT Level 1 course in your area. You will be hard pressed to get better instruction anywhere!

Here is the article.

Also here is a great video showing one of Ken’s athletes Chris Doenlen performing the Kettlebell Snatch.

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂

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