Michigan NKT Level 1 August 15-16 2015

Hello All,

A little quick reminder that on August 15 & 16 2015 I will be hosting NKT™ Level 1 here in Michigan at Functional Strength Gym in Wixom Mi. It will be taught by Dr Eric Nelson who taught L1 here last year. Last year we had a great group and a great turn out for L1 and this year we are making plans to make it even better.

In Level 1 you will be taught how to get past symptoms and begin to look for the root cause. We find that after L1 students see an increase in their referrals, client/patient satisfaction and overall business pretty quickly. Another side benefit is access to an unbelievable network of practitioners from around the world. I was at NKT™ L3 in May of ’15 and met people from Australia, Taiwan, Canada and all over the States. If you have been following my work you know that NKT™ plays a large role in my practice and I have seen my practice explode since I took it in Sept of ’12.

You can find out more about the seminar at http://www.neurokinetictherapy.com and clicking on the upcoming seminars tab. Early registration is coming up fast so get signed up ASAP!

Hope to see you there!

Practice Makes Improvement 🙂

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