Massage Marketing 101: Tell Your Story To Stand Out Part 2 

Hello All! 

In Part 1 of this series we discussed how to use your backstory to stand out, attract clients who value your work & you love to work with. 

In today’s post we are going to discuss how to create content around this very important topic. 

The pushback I when I talk with massage therapists about creating content is “I don’t want to be pushy” or “I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said.” 

In this video Chris Brogan of Owner Media Group talks about creating content that doesn’t seem pushy or aggressive.  

When I first started blogging/creating content I felt like I didn’t have anything “new” to say. I was correct, I didn’t have anything new to say but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have anything relevant to say. 

People want to hear your story & they want to hear you “rehash” old stories in your voice. We haven’t really told any new stories in a long, long time; but we still buy books, listen to music & watch movies.

Joseph Campbell discusses this in his book ‘A Hero’s Journey’. Here is a great video explaining how we all are “heros” & how our story can be relevant. 

I believe that our story is relevant in our marketing/social media presence because it gives our audience a glimpse into our worlds & allows them to relate to us. It has been my experience people want to authentically connect with others.  

If our goal is to attract clients who value our work & we love to work with, doesn’t it make sense to market with the goal of connecting & being authentic? 

If you are struggling creating content here are a couple ideas of how to get started. 

  • Use your backstory. How did you become interested in Massage? Where did you go to school? Why do you prefer the modalities you use? 
  • Post content that reflects your successes in your practice,  client testimonials or get a collegue to write you a recommendation. 
  • Every once in a while post something you are passionate about & rant a bit. Friction can create traction with people; but beware you don’t create a culture of negativity. 

Here Gary Vaynerchuk talking about how often, when & why you should post content. 

Practice Makes Improvement 😊

Do you struggle using your back story? 

Would you like to attract clients who value your work & you love to work with?

Join me September 21st 2016 as I teach a 6 month webinar focused on using your backstory to attract clients who value your work & you love to work with. 

For more information contact me @ 

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